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Our Tips

We believe taking care of a beard is not an easy task, especially for those who just start their journey.  So, we decided to share some advice that we believe might be helpful.

How to use beard oil?

Put a few drops into your hands (the amount of drops is very subjective, however, we recommend 5 - 8 drops for medium beard), rub the oil between your palms, and apply it with a deep massage on a damp beard.


The beard oil should be applied during the morning and at night before sleeping.

How to stimulate growth?

Beard brush and comb are your best friends! Brushing and combing organize the hair and exfoliate the skin. They help distribute the oil through your hair and stimulate blood flow. The cheeks are an area with less blood flow, that's why the beard tends to be patchy there. Your comb and brush will help you stimulate the growth of your beard.

How to use beard shampoo?

Apply a few damps and massage throughout your beard while wet and then rinse out. 

Warm water should be prioritized during the cleaning to eliminate the maximum of bacteria.

Coldwater should be used during the rinsing for the moisturization of the beard.

The beard wash should be applied once a week, you can do it more if you feel the need.

Take care of your body

A healthy beard comes with a healthy body, eating well-balanced meals will give you the vitamins you need to grow your beard. Working out will raise your testosterone level which is needed for your beard. 

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