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Why should you use a wooden comb ?

Updated: Jan 8, 2022

1) Wooden combs are carbon based

Wooden combs are carbon based, just like your beard and skin underneath. So, there is less chance to get a skin irritation.

2) Wood is a natural material

Wood is a natural material, it's not likely to stimulate allergies or irritations like plastic and metal comb might do. The wooden comb will avoid pimples and dandruffs.

3) The Negative charge

The wood carries a negative charge that matches the charges on your hairs, it helps laying them down. A plastic or metal comb would create static electricity.

4) Train and style your beard

The wooden comb trains your beard to grow in the direction you desire, it detangles your hair which makes it easier to style the beard.

5) Distribute moisture all over your beard

When you apply beard products (oils, conditioner, butter, etc.) you bring the essential nutriment to nourish your beard. However, to maximize the benefits you must distribute the products evenly throughout the hairs.

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