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The Boar Bristle Brush

What is a Boar Bristle Brush ?

A Boar Bristle Brush is a brush made of Boar’s Bristle like its name suggests it. Some brushes are 100% made of Boar’s Bristle, others are mixed with synthetic bristles. It is also possible to get a vegan version of this brush.

The Benefits of a Boar Bristle Brush ?

  • They are natural, there is no chance it can create irritation on your skin besides an allergic reaction.

  • Its unique structure allows the brush to carry the sebum (some kind of oil that helps your hair grow) secreted by your skin and distribute it all over your beard.

  • The brush does not damage your beard, it will not create breakage or fracture. In fact the brush will detangle and clean your beard.

  • It might feel good using a Boar Bristle brush, because the brush will massage your skin and activate the blood flow which is essential to stimulate the growth of your beard.

  • The boar bristle brushes will help styling your beard, it will get rid of the frizzes and soften your curls.

  • They adapt to all type of skin and beard type

How to use a Boar Bristle Brush ?

You should Brush your beard everyday after shower, it’s the moment your beard is the softest and the easiest to style. Avoid brushing a dry beard as much as possible, it creates breakages. The brush is a finisher, it should be used after combing.

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