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How to soften your beard ?

Why is your beard so rough ?

Yeah, your beard is not supposed to be rough, hard, scratchy, etc. It should be soft and flexible.

First of all, why is your beard not soft ?

Wrong products or wrong utilisation:

Sometimes the products you use might just suit you. We’re all different so there is not a miracle product, you might have to try different brands (or just make your own recipe ahah). Also, you might not use the products as you’re supposed to. For example, using too much oil might clog your pore, or using the beard wash everyday will dry out your hair for sure.


Maybe you did not realize but your beard is attached to you, so if you’re dehydrated, your beard is more likely to be in the situation. Please drink water.

The weather

The hairs on your face might be damaged if the weather is too hot or too cold. Obviously you would want to go outside anyway, what’s the point of having a cool beard if you can’t show off lol. No worries, there are some techniques to protect yourself against the weather, but it’s not topics today.

Now that we have reviewed the reason why your beard might be dried, let's take a look at how to soften it.

Use the right oils

There are some oils that will almost instantly have an instant effect on your beard. Among them we can recommend CBD oil, Hemp seed oil and Bird carrier oil (ex emu oil). Some beard care brands use those oils as ingredients in their formula (you can find hemp seed oil in our own beard oil).

Having the right routine

Using the wrong beard wash (face wash, regular shampoo, liquid soap…) will definitely not help your beard to become softer, using a beard wash, a shampoo designed especially for a beard will keep your facial hair clean and is the first step into softness. However do not forget this rule: WASH YOUR BEARD ONLY ONCE A WEEK, maybe twice if you feel the need to.

Now if you are already using the oil and the beard wash and you still not satisfied, you should maybe think about getting a beard conditioner. It will add an extra layer of hydration to your beard.

On top of all that, rinsing your beard with cold water is also a great way to hydrate and soften the beard. Hot water is better for cleaning and usually creates drizzle due to the steam.

Brush and comb your beard

It’s known that brushing and combing your beard helps promote the growth and training you to stay and grow in the direction you like instead of going everywhere. Brushing with a boar bristle brush and combing everyday will help soften your beard naturally.

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