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Growing a beard from nothing, is it possible ?

First, we must start with the reasons why your beard is not growing:


Like most of you must know, the thickness and length of your beard is determined by your genetics, if most of the men in your family have a thick beard you are more likely to grow one as well.


Usually men start growing a beard in their early 20s and usually don’t get a full face coverage until their late 20s. Maybe you just have to be patient :)

Alopecia Areata:

An autoimmune skin condition, which causes hair loss on the scalp face and sometimes other areas of the body. You can find more informations here:

Low Testosterone level:

Beard growth is related to testosterone, so a low level of testosterone can cause a poor beard growth or even no facial hair at all. Symptoms of low testosterone level can be a low sex drive, fatigue, etc.

Now that we know some reasons why your beard is not growing, can you grow a beard from scratch… Yes and No ! Everyone is different so there is not a right answer, however some tricks exist to help you grow a beard from zero.


Remember we talked about testosterone ? Exercising would boost your testosterone level and improve your beard growth. Don’t skip legs day ! Rumours said it’s great for testosterones.

Beard oil

If you already have some beard growing, the beard oil is your best tool in your beard journey. A great beard oil has been formulated to bring you all the nutriments your facial hairs need to grow strong and healthy. You can find more information on our beard oil article.


Sleep is important for your overall health so it obviously has a great impact on your facial hair growth. You need at least 7 hours of sleep every night. Researches show that your testosterone level is at the highest during REM sleep and we already say it previously… You need a high level of testosterone to grow your beard !

Little know tricks

Minoxidil, known as “regain” , is a famous brand made to boost hair growth. It can be used for beard growth as well as balding. Usually it is associated with the derma-roller, also called the micro needled tool. It is a long handle with a roller head implements with hundreds of micro-needle that are around 30 to 50mm. Those micro-need have been made to penetrate your facial skin and improve the blood flow with the production of keratin and collagen. The result is perfect growth.

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