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Beard Oil 101

Updated: Jan 8, 2022

The most important tool in your beard journey.

Our Beard Oil is a blend of carrier oils made to nourish the hair and the skin underneath. It has been made to give the daily nutriment your beard needs to stay healthy. Many benefits can be observed when you apply your beard oil:

  • Beard growth

  • Filling up the patched areas

  • Softening the beard

  • Strengthen the beard

  • Gives a shiny look

  • Get rid of dandruff and itchiness

Fragrance oil and/or essential oils are often add into the blend of carrier oil, they gives a nice smell to your beard.

In addition to the beard, the oils also benefit the skin. It nourishes it, prevent aging, preserve the elasticity of the skin.

However a beard oil is not a magical potion, it can not creates the beard. The oils can only have an impact on already growing beard.

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