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Our Story

Atan is a cosmetic African own company that provides high quality and all-natural products. 

Here at Atan, our goal is to change the meaning of masculinity which has always been represented through toughness and dominance. We want to create a space that allows room for expression and sensitivity. In fact, we do not want to tell any of you what a man is supposed to be or how to act. We want you to be yourselves and embrace who you truly are. This is our beard connection, this is ATAN.


Yannis Thomas, a young Beninese entrepreneur has worked to get healthy hair since his high school days. The journey was long and difficult, he exposed himself to many toxic products and came to the conclusion that beards were often neglected by companies and did not receive the product quality they deserved. He learned the hard way that a healthy lifestyle equal to a healthier body feature as well as a natural product is what works the best on beards. After hours of research, education, and experimentations, he came out with what we believe is the best support for all men trying to grow a healthy and strong beard.
A word from him: 
"I will never take for granted any of my customers, each day is a new opportunity to improve our products. With the support of each of you, Atan hopes to build a large community and keep supporting men all over the world.  
~ Yannis Thomas
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